Petersen Operating Way


The Petersen Way is the “why” we do what we do. It is the heartbeat of the company. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our customers, our employees and their families, our suppliers, and the communities that we live and work in. We know a company is only as good as the people who work for it, and our employees are as good as it gets! Our employees take great pride in giving back and delivering quality, on-time products to our customers and the industries we serve worldwide. Our customers are our number one priority!


The Petersen Operating Way (POW) is a method utilizing the tools of continuous improvement for engaging all employees throughout the company to improve the value we provide to our customers and shareholders. It is not a program but rather a culture to create ideas through all levels of the company. It enables our leaders and team members to work together to solve problems and improve all aspects of our business.
Petersen Incorporated has 6 key elements to make up what we call the Petersen Operating Way. These key elements are Strategic Deployment, Visualization, Daily Improvement, Loop Closure, Problem Solving and Best Practice Sharing. These systems provide the framework for improving processes, skills, communication and alignment of company goals

Winning every day

How can we know if we are winning every day? By tracking 6 Key Performance Indicators that evaluate our success at reaching targets. Typically, KPI’s align with what a company finds important. For Petersen Inc, the KPI’s align with Safety, Quality, Delivery, Employee Morale, Cost, and Smart Growth. An example would be the profitability of the company, revenue, safety incidents, near misses, TPW’s recognized, STAR card audits done, and the number of firmed production orders hours a day, etc.

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