mining fabricationMining Fabrication

Petersen Inc.’s mining fabrication manufacturing provides a wide range of products for the mining industry including; Dump Beds, Booms, Crawler Frames, Tunnel Boring Machines, Dippers, etc.  We produce products for both mines and OEM manufacturers.  We also refurbish those same products for companies who opt for refurbishing instead of buying new product.  Our product and quality is by far the top in the industry.

Our large mining fabrication and machining facilities allow us to produce extremely large products.  We have areas with 75-ton crane and 26′ under-the-hook, as well as 50-ton crane and 36′ under-the-hook.  We also have 12′ x 62′ horizontal machining capabilities.  These large facilities allow us to fabricate virtually any product for the mining industry.