nuclear fabricationNuclear Fabrication

Petersen Inc. has been chosen as a partner in high-profile projects such as the Department of Energy’s Hanford Waste Treatment Plant, Savannah River MOX facility, and WIPP.

The Petersen Inc. nuclear fabrication Melters will be the heart of the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (when operational will be the world’s largest chemical radioactive waste treatment plant, located on the US Department of Energy’s Hanford site in southeastern Washington. Up to 53-million gallons of radioactive waste will be processed through the Melters.

Petersen Inc.’s participation in the Department of Energy’s MOX Services project at the Savannah River Site is constructing storage components, structural, mechanical, and electrical subassemblies, as well as gloveboxes and associated equipment for the facility which converts weapons grade plutonium into fuel for electricity generating power plants.

Petersen Inc. is a major supplier of nuclear fabrication containers for many industries including Nuclear, Aerospace, Commercial, Petrochemical, and is proud to be a part of the clean-up of waste generator sites around the country, helping to make it a cleaner and safer environment for future generations.  Petersen Inc. fabricates RLC’s, SWB’s, and TDOP’s for Washington TRU-Solutions at the Department of Energy’s WIPP site which allows us to provide storage containers of various sizes and specifications to anyone who purchases them through Washington TRU-Solutions. These containers are stored at the WIPP site, 2150 feet below the surface in the Permian Salt Formations.