Nuclear Melters

nuclear meltersPetersen Inc. manufactures the nuclear melters that are used in the vitrification process of nuclear radioactive waste. Vitrification plants such as Washington’s Hanford site use melters to process nuclear waste and turn it into a solid glass. Storing nuclear waste through this process helps prevent the radioactive material from leeching and contaminating natural resources such as soil and rivers.

Petersen Inc. fabricated nuclear melters for use at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant will process up to 53 million gallons of radioactive waste. The pretreated liquid waste from Hanford’s underground storage tanks will be combined in the Melters with glass-forming materials and heated to 2100°F. The molten (liquid) glass will be poured out of the Melters into specially designed containers, allowing the glass to cool (solidify) prior to being shipped and stored in a much safer condition. The Melters cannot be turned on and off once the process has started so the reliability of the Melters is crucial to waste clean-up.

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