Nuclear Process Equipment

Nuclear Process EquipmentPetersen Inc. manufactures process equipment designed specifically for nuclear, petrochemical, industrial and food processing facilities.

Some process equipment produced by Petersen Inc. enables the conversion of weapons grade plutonium into fuel for nuclear power plants. As nuclear technology advances, so does the process equipment used to harness nuclear energy. Petersen Inc. continues to manufacture process equipment that is consistently used to develop and test new processes to meet the demands of nuclear facilities.

Petersen Inc. manufactures nuclear process equipment, storage containers, custom fabrication, and melters for Department of Energy projects including the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant, Savannah River MOX facility, and WIPP storage site, etc. Additionally, many clean-up, demolition and disposing projects have used process equipment produced by Petersen Inc. to support safety and proper storage of radioactive material.

Petersen Inc. supports many manufacturing industries by producing specialized and high grade process equipment. We use the best quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the integrity of your nuclear process equipment.

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