Petrochemical FabricationPetrochemical Fabrication

Petersen Inc. produces petrochemical fabrication parts and field service projects for some of the largest petrochemical companies in the nation.

The petrochemical fabrication products we supply are piping, vessels, skids, modules, and water purification units used in the oil and gas, power, and process industries.  Products also include pressure vessels (ranging from 4 inches thick to 24 feet OD), separators, skimmers, and scrubbers.

Petersen Inc. has extensive experience in the fabrication and assembly of modules including design, constructability, procurement, project management, scheduling, and transport of modular units, as well as experience in manufacturing metering skids, pump packages, manifold systems, spool piping, structural skids and decks, and in general construction.

Petersen Inc. holds ASME U, U2, S, and NBIC R, and NB Certificates of Authorization certifying the fabrication or repair of ASME pressure vessels at the facility or in the field.