Field Services

Petersen Inc. provides onsite support for energy and transportation sectors. Quality, performance, and customer service are our core principles and these are deeply rooted in the operation.  We currently offer solutions to: wind energy, oil and gas, rail, manufacturers, refineries, installation facilities, transportation companies, developers, and contractors.

Case Study: Field Services – Pipe Racks

Rio TintoNature and Scope of Work:

Design, engineer, fabricate and install the modular pipe rack for the CC-66 MAP site.

Project Summary:

The Molybdenum Autoclave Project (MAP) was a modular pipe rack of 64 units, totaling 3500 feet and 230 unloaded tons. This project consisted of 3-phases and was fabricated and installed shortly over a calendar year.

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Field Services is only one of our unique specialties. From project coordination to delivery, assembly and installation,

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