Machining Key Projects

MachiningKeyProjects1Department of Energy – Top Blocks

Work Start / Finish: 2003-2004

Nature and Scope of Work

Machine, fabricate.

Project Summary

Due to the thickness of the materials and the tolerances, this NQA-1 project was a challenge from the bid stage on.  These blocks were approximately 8′ x 8′ x 2′ with various sized holes drilled from top to bottom.  With the holes required to be drilled running the length of the blocks, they were machined in sections and fabricated to make one solid block.  This brought additional challenges because the tolerances to be held were extremely tight.   With 11 pieces per block and 28 blocks for this shielding project, Petersen Inc. machined over 300 pieces of steel and fabricated each block with virtually no complications.  Each block weighed 48,500 lbs. and was installed at the Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory site in 2004.

P&H 2800 Handles, 66′ Boom, & 73 yd. Dipper

MachiningKeyProjects2Work Start / Finish: 2008 to Present

Nature and Scope of Work

Fabricate and machine Handles, Booms, Crawler Frames, and Dippers for the mining industry.  Petersen Inc. heavy fabrication facilities compliment this type of work.