milling machinesMilling Machines

Petersen Inc. has a wide variety of milling machines to meet the needs of many different industries. Milling machines at Petersen Inc. are capable of machining virtually any specific part with precision and quality. We can work with many different materials to meet the needs of each individual project. There is no need to send a project off-site for milling work. We are able to do it at our facility.

Parts machined on a milling machine can be milled to any combination of shapes and sizes. Milling machines hold the part being machined while using a rotating cutter and feeder to mill the exact specifications of the part. Sometimes more than one milling machine is used for one part. This is done when one machine cannot perform all of the aspects of a project. The software used for each milling machine ensures precision and minimizes any possible flaws.

Petersen Inc.’s wide variety of milling machines and capabilities serves a verity of industries. All products manufactured by our expert machinist using the milling machines at Petersen Inc. are assured a high quality product.

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