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3-60B Transportation Cask

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The key to the storage and disposal of any nuclear waste is the ability to safely and effectively transport the radioactive material from one location to another. The 3-60B Cask allows not only for safe transportation, but also the ability for spent fuel and waste to be remotely loaded into the same transportation Cask, eliminating the need for additional or intermediate waste containers. The 3-60B Cask is utilized by either: submerging the unit underwater and loading it remotely, or by loading via overhead crane. The 3-60B Cask is provided with a drain system that allows water to flow out of the bottom once the unit has been closed and pulled up from the spent waste pool. By design, the draining of water does not allow for the escape of additional radiation. After the Cask has been loaded, it is safely transported to the permanent disposal site using its DOT and DOE approved dedicated truck and trailer.

3-60B Cask – 10 major components with additional sub-assemblies and dedicated tooling ~ Dimensions:  7’W x 14’L x 7’H.  Total weight of the unit is 36 tons.