Key Projects

Cask Export Shielding Hatch

Bechtel National Inc.

For the Bechtel National RPP Waste Treatment Plant, Petersen Inc. assembled a cask export carbon steel shielding hatch measuring 102 x 132 x 10 feet and weighed 20 tons, complete with integrated Serapid™ chain drive system mounted on the factory acceptance testing fixture.

Hatches serve as movable covers for transfer ports that allow cylindrical canisters and drums to travel between floors within the High Level Waste (HLW) facility. Normally, the hatches will sit in the closed position to provide radiological shielding and/or to regulate cascading airflow. The hatches and the facility ventilation system will work in tandem to maintain deliberate pressure differentials that ensure air always flows from areas of lower contamination into areas of higher contamination. When a container is required to travel between floors, the appropriate hatch will open to allow a crane or hoist to raise or lower the canister or drum through the transfer port. Once the transfer is complete and the hoist has been withdrawn, the hatch will be closed. This is one of 13 shielding hatch and drive configurations designed, built and qualified for nuclear facility use with structural, seismic, electrical and instrumentation, drive, canister impact, factory acceptance and commercial grade dedication at Petersen Inc.