Key Projects

Flying-J Desulphurization Project

Flying J

Structural modules, pipe fabrication, and installation – Cycle X Project – design and fabrication of vessels, structural steel, platforms and stairways, and installation of all components inside an operational refinery with minimal downtime to any operations. The individual modules for this project were completely fabricated in the Petersen Inc. facilities with all pipe fixtures, components, electrical and instrumentation installed and pretested prior to shipment. This shop effort greatly reduced the complexity and time required to complete the field installation and commissioning. The large field installation project with complex interfaces to existing plant systems and structures demonstrates our ability to manage and complete complex projects.

Safety requirements applicable to these large lift and positioning operations inside a working refinery are significant and readily complied with by our experienced well trained staff. Numerous customer driven on site changes were incorporated during the installation process, demonstrating the flexible application of resources in a teaming relationship with the customer that Petersen Inc. has become well known for.