Key Projects

Municipal Waste Baler

Roll Press Pack International

The RPP Mega Baler 2, consists of a roll, press, and wrapping system that feeds waste material into the machine, which then rolls and compresses the material by means of a circulating belt and automatically stops upon reaching a specific degree of compression.  Waste ends up in a 7-ft long, fully wrapped container, created with the plastic film supplied by the machine.  The film wrapped around it fully encapsulates the waste to keep out aroma and contamination.  The 200 x 20 x 30 ft. Mega Baler 2 is designed to compress about 28-yd3 of waste into an 8- yd3 bale in less than 3 minutes of rolling, compressing, and baling time.

The Mega Baler 2 is based on a smaller prototype design created by a German manufacturer and bought out by Petersen Inc.   The baler was very big and you can’t decrease baler size without losing some utility, but we decreased the outside dimensions by almost 40%.  The design software we used ‘SolidEdge®’ gave us the mechanical ability to run the machine and identify the functions.  This allowed us to design and produce a machine with a smaller footprint, maintaining the same essential utility functions.