Key Projects

Waste Treatment Plant Shield Doors

Bechtel National Inc.

The nuclear waste treatment plant located at the Hanford site near Richland, WA utilizes specialized bridge cranes to transport maintenance equipment and vessels containing radioactive material within the facility. Each crane has the ability to leave the radioactive process area and enter an adjoining room for decontamination and maintenance activities. The LAW buffer Store Crane Maintenance Shield Door is a vertical operating door used to separate the container buffer storage area from the adjoining crane maintenance area.

Petersen Inc. accomplished this project as a design build effort. The system consists of the vertical shield door raised and lowered using a continuous chain drive shaft system  The drive system consists of a gearbox with dual right angle shafts extending to the drive chain sprockets. Fail safe braking is provided as part of this drive arrangement. A 3-HP Flux Vector Drive controls the motor operation and drive speed.  The door provides 3” of radiological shielding to protect personnel and equipment inside the maintenance area.  Contamination control is accomplished by adjustable air gap features that keep air flowing from areas of lower contamination to areas of higher contamination.

The image shows the Shield Door mounted to a frame used for in-shop testing.  In practice, the equipment mounts to steel embeds placed in the customer facility wall. This test arrangement shows the flexibility of the Petersen Inc. facilities in representing customer facilities for acceptance testing of delivered products.