3PL Warehousing3PL

Petersen Inc. provides 3PL (third party logistics) outsourcing for all clients. Our warehouse offers and provides storage, packing, sorting and shipping solutions for all Petersen Inc. projects and products. Petersen Inc. also manages and maintains inventory, fulfillment and distribution for a wide variety of industries and clients. Third party logistics makes it easy for our clients to not only have parts and products manufactured at Petersen Inc., but also to have their products warehoused, packaged and shipped from the same location.

Many Petersen Inc. clients find our 900,000 sq. ft. warehouse facilities to provide a variety of options for their warehousing and 3PL needs. Whether Petersen Inc. clients simply need storage options or complete B2B service, we can find the best solutions within our own facilities. Contact Petersen Inc. today to discuss your Third Party Logistics needs at: (800) 410-6789 or sales@peterseninc.com