regional & global logisticsRegional & Global Logistics

As part of our 3PL (third party logistics), Petersen Inc. provides Regional and Global Logistics to our warehousing clients. Regional and global logistics includes receiving, repackaging, storage, customs preparation, inventory management and global shipping. Our Warehouse Management System is kept up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology in order to keep our regional and global logistics operations running smoothly.

Our regional and global logistics shipping options include rail, air, sea, truck and multi-model to get your products to their destination. Many products require kitting, consolidation or de-consolidating prior to shipment. Our warehouse is capable of preparing all products for regional or global shipping.

Petersen Inc. proudly provides exception regional and global logistics, inventory control and shipping for all projects and clients. Our 900,000 sq. ft. warehouse provides all of your third party logistics (3PL) solutions.

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